Blump Bertle (BB) - The Messenger Prop


Blump Bertle (aka BB) is our manor’s messenger. He snaps in and out of existence with a slow tremble in the earth, followed by a thunderous “pop” “crack” and “BOOM”. A flash of bright white light, and he has arrived.

He is discouraged from his jumps into the kitchen, because his last escapade left most of the manor’s best china in pieces ! Shake and rumble is an understatement ……

BB also has a side hustle with bits and baubles that he sells in his transdimensional stall. Though be forewarned, most of his wares are cursed, charmed or magicked. So, if you enjoy running the tables in Vegas, you will love purchasing something from BB. He only trades in valuable gemstones and can smell a fake from 50 parsecs.

The gig economy has arrived at the manor.

Size: 12” Tall x 11” Wide x 10” Deep

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