Cthulhu Specimen - White


Cthulhu Specimen - White

The deity known as Cthulhu has many spawn spread in the depths below the manor's foundations.  Places long forgotten to the planet and its inhabitants, a few of the manor's minions survived the trip and returned with specimens.

This Cthulhu embryo is a rare specimen snatched from the bowels of the Earth.

This is a high quality hand-painted latex prop and has many possibilities.  Stuff him and mount him on your mantel. Just leave him locked away in his jar for all of eternity.  Or better yet, flood his jar with a liquid of your choice for better preservation. (see note)

This is a hollow latex prop.

Dimensions are as follows:
Specimen Jar - 7" Height 4.38" Wide
Cthulhu Specimen - 6" Tall 3.5" Wide

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