Dark Web: Mystery Box DVD


Dark Web: Mystery Box DVD

Social media influencers are buying and opening terrifying mystery boxes from the dark net!

A Dark Web Mystery Box normally contains terrifying items, eerie, creepy items like children’s toys, human hair, blood stained clothing, satanic symbols and in most cases will give clues to a murder which has been committed, most likely by the sender.

This mystery box houses the most terrifying item of all, a VHS tape that will kill the viewer!

VHS is having somewhat of a comeback, a resurgence with cult media collectors who collect video nasties, cult shot on video splatter films and big box ex-rentals, but a blank VHS tape is worthless it holds no value unless lying deep within the magnetic tape is a curse, or a myth, or a brain changing sequence of images , lights, and wording all strategically put together to create a creepypasta for the video logging generation.

An experiment in terror! Is this a cursed tape or is there something more sinister behind it, videos being collected on the dark web of people dying?!

If your mind doesn’t kill you, they will, but don’t expect to uncover the mystery, just watch in horror as their lives come crashing down in front of the camera!

A Vestra Pictures and Mort House Films production:

Dark Web: Mystery Box A film by Tony Newton and Josh Schultz


Starring: Shawn C. Phillips, Tony Newton , Josh Schultz, Sarah Schultz, Julie Anne Prescott, Dane Keil and Rheanon Nicole Cameo appearances by: Emil Johansson, Eliza Sica and Gemma Wilks

Additional Cinematography by Brad Smith

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