Evil Bong 3 The Wrath Of Bong DVD


The Dudes are back! And this time, they're right in the middle of a galactic stoner-horror comedy!!

Larnell, Bachman, Brett and Alistair survived their battle with the dubious KING BONG. Now, they've

set up shop, a head shop, in Venice Beach. Just as they think all of their troubles are behind them,

an Alien Bong crash lands on earth and really starts to harsh their mellow.

The guys can't resist a toke and they are enslaved in the Alien Bong's far out Bong World...where

sexy Alien Chicks and other cosmic calamities await them. Enlisting the help of their arch enemies,

Grandpa and the EVIL BONG, the Dudes must stop the Alien Bong before our planet goes totally up in smoke.

83 mins


Aspect Ratio: Widescreen 1:78 (16:9)


Rating: R

Year 2011

DVD Format: NTSC

DVD Region: 0


John Patrick Jordan, Brian Lloyd, Mitch Eakins, Peter Stickles, Sonny Carl Davis, Jacob Witkin,

Robin Sydney, Christina DeRosa, Amy Paffrath,

With Michelle Mais as the voice of 'Eebee'

For the first time Evil Bong 3: The Wrath of Bong is available outside of the box set!

This is the official release edition, which includes special features:

Chicago Threatical Premiere Featurette: Live at the Premiere in Chicago!

Evil Bong 3 YouTube videos: 6 Hilarious Video Contest Winners!

This is the 2D Version.

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