Red Dragon Specimen


Red Dragon Specimen

Sculpted with skill by Greg Duffy

Found high among the craggy cliffs overlooking the goblin city, a small clutch of Fire Dragon eggs was discovered.  Keeping a careful vigil over these newly discovered toothy terrors is our skittish little director of operations.

Normally concerned with the feeding of the zombies and the flogging of the employees, Norbert doesn't have the intestinal fortitude to stay with it ... poor old boy.  Pick one up today ! ... but be forewarned they are only sleeping or so we think ?

Foam filled latex prop, skillfully painted and crafted right here in the USA by some wicked talented artists. Shipped in a PVC jar just in case ....

Dragon Prop:10" Tall x 5" Deep x 4" wide
Jar : 11.5" Tall x 5.5" Diameter

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