Squaredy Cats - The Good Them (Chucky parody)


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Squaredy Cats - The Good Them (Chucky parody)

This horror squishy The Good Them (Good Guys) pillow plush by Squaredy Cats is approximately 10"x10"! A Two-sided pillow plush featuring your favorite killer doll (Chucky) on one side and his doll of a bride (Tiff) on the other! 

This is ONE plush, not two. Faces on both sides.

They are a super soft and squishy 2 sided horror plushie (not a Squishmallow, but similar), embroidered with adorable and cute expressions.

Designed to resemble Chucky and Tiffany, but it's a parody, not to be confused with a real Chucky doll. Any resemblance to the movie characters is pure coincidence.

This cute, kawaii Chucky parody is a perfect gift for fans of horror.

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