Scheduling date night can be a tedious task, especially when it feels like you’ve done it all. However, since you love all things horror, chances are that your ghoul (or potential partner) does too, which means some scary date suggestions are in order. Grip your favorite horror figurine tightly, because this list of ideas may be considered bizarre to the untrained heart.

Read (or invent) a scary story

Let’s start with a simple suggestion: read (or invent) a scary story and say it aloud to your partner. Whether you curl up together under some dim reading light and get lost in some good old-fashioned horror fiction or you take turns creating demonic tales derived from real-life horror experiences, a night filled with eerie and unsettling stories is the perfect cost-free, care-free scary date idea. 

Find a spooky podcast

Another cost-effective date night idea, podcasts are all the buzz these days. As the best toss-up between book and movie, podcasts are audio stories that are centered around a specific theme…and yours could be HORROR! Simply spend some time Googling popular options and download and listen with your boo to keep you on the edge of your seat. 

Bake some chilling treats 

Who doesn’t love spending a day baking tasty treats with your favorite soul? To keep things in line with our scary theme, be sure to make your goodies in the shapes of time-honored villains, grim caricatures, and use colors attributed to being spooky—black, red, orange, and green.   

*Tip: Use some horror props as decor for your recipes

Have a horror movie marathon

Staying in has its perks—unlimited snacks, no lineups for the washroom, and you get to pick out horror movies and watch them back-to-back, marathon-style. Whether you opt to watch all eight Child’s Play films or sneak in a Ghostface flick or two, snuggle up close to your person and settle in for those spooky evening feels.

Shop for this year’s Halloween costume 

The thrill of trick-or-treating is around the corner, which means that it might be time to shop around and get ahead of the crowds. The best part is that you can buy your costume online these days for a cheaper, hassle-free experience. Plus, since it’s so far in advance, you won’t need to worry about delayed shipping and you can add a horror figurine or two to your cart. 

What are some scary date ideas that you recommend at home? Drop a comment below to share with our readers.