When horror is your passion, it isn’t odd to celebrate the holiday season with some darkness. That means adding some devilish decorations to your cheery crypt. While you could simply pull out your favorite Halloween adornments to celebrate Creepmas with style, we recommend properly blending the two holidays with trimmings that appropriately embellish ghoul tidings. Since you don’t want to dream up ideas on your own, here are “x” ways to bring chills with holiday decor.  

Add some eerie charm to your holiday tree

The easiest way to mix the ghoulish elements of horror with the jolly tidings of your usual festivities is by adding some horrornaments to your holiday tree. These horror-themed tree ornaments feature a wide variety of familiar faces and themes and offer incredible, unmatched detail. 

You can also hang horrornaments in unexpected places like within your holiday garland, on a bookshelf, or get even more creative and toss some in a vase to put on display.

Want to step things up a notch? Get yourself a reusable, dead, plastic tree to hang your horrornaments with pride. 

Make a custom wreath

Whether you just use darker colors than the traditional or simply add some teeth (think The Nightmare Before Christmas) to a custom wreath, this holiday decor item works as a statement piece to bridge the gap between the seasons!

If arts and crafts aren’t your thing, we’ve got the perfect wreath for you!

String some lights

Outside lights embody what’s merry and bright about the holidays. Now, if those lights are orange, black, or purple, rather than green and red, you’re on track for a spooky Christmas. Be sure to bring illumination to your indoor holiday decor as well.

Make a haunted house instead of a plain gingerbread house

We know that the Halloween season already offers an opportunity to build an edible haunted house, but the activity is certainly more of a Christmas tradition. So, for those who grab hold of a kit this holiday season, be sure to add some skulls and spider webs to make things a tad more gruesome.

Perhaps you haven’t cleaned up from Halloween and have plans to simply leave up your holiday decor all year round? If that’s the case, it’s bound to be a spooky Christmas indeed.

How do you plan to bring chills to your holiday season? Drop a comment below to help inspire our readers. 

December 02, 2022 — Alex Wilks