What’s better than wicked horror collectibles? Gruesome horror collectibles that are on sale! While you could wait until the next major holiday to celebrate with slashed prices, another option is to shop our Weekly Deals section instead. This part of the website features a variety of horror collectibles that we’ve hand-selected to sell at discounted prices—often these discounts are deeper than our usual 15% off and they change weekly. Check out the Weekly Deals section yourself or continue reading below for some creep-tastic suggestions.

Classic Ouija Board

Used to speak with spirits beyond the realm, this Classic Ouija Board is manufactured the traditional way—from solid wood—and etched to include the English alphabet and numbers, alongside “Yes”, “No”, and “Goodbye”. Whether it’s fear that convinces you to grab hold of this item or curiosity, with a deal this good, you better snatch one up before our inventory sells out!

House of 1000 Corpses: The Professor Mask

Bizarre and sadistic are just two words that have been used to describe this Rob Zombie classic. Needless to say, as horror fans, we love it anyway! When it comes to unique horror collectibles, this House of 1000 Corpses: The Professor Mask checks all the boxes that one seeks on a keepsake must-have. Step into the mind of this serial killer and run beneath the Deadwood tunnels with everything you need to spark the spirit of Earl Firefly.

Bride of Chucky: Talking Tiffany

While Child’s Play fans know and love everything Chucky, the franchise took an exciting turn when it introduced the killer matriarch, Tiffany, to the bloodbath. Exactly as featured in the film Bride of Chucky, this talking horror collectible closely articulates her character—dressed head to toe in her wedding dress and leather jacket combo. Now trapped inside a doll body like her killer partner, Tiffany is equally murderous and twisted. Get your Bride of Chucky Talking Tiffany Doll today!

Which new horror collectibles will be making their way onto your shelves? Drop a comment below to share.

December 07, 2022 — Nightmare Toys