While it’s hard to believe there’S any truth behind the sci-fi horror drama Stranger Things, its plot is loosely based on the legend—an alleged US Military program that experimented with mind control, mind reading, and time travel on children. Needless to say, there are a lot of things that are still unknown about the series. So, grip your Stranger Things toys and listen to these seven facts that you likely didn’t know about the franchise!

#1: The hit Netflix series was originally called Montauk

While it seems impossible to think that Stranger Things could have had a different name, the original working title of the franchise was Montauk, and was set to take place in a small hamlet in New York State. However, the show’s creators were forced to change the location to the midwest because shooting on the east coast would be too challenging during the winter months.

#2: Over 1200 kids auditioned for the roles of the gang

Matt and Ross Duffer, often referred to as The Duffer Brothers, had 906 boys and 307 girls audition to fulfill the roles in Stranger Things. Each candidate was asked to read parts from the hit film Stand By Me.

#3: Stephen King “found” Millie Bobby Brown

Before the Duffers could cast Brown as Eleven, King tweeted his love for her acting on the British show Intruders.

#4: Season four took two years to film

Pandemic aside, the latest Stranger Things seasons took two years to film—with nine scrips, 800 pages, thousands of visual effects shots, and nearly twice the runtime of previous seasons.

Have you seen season four yet?

#5: Season five will be the final installment in the series

The Duffers always planned to have about four of five seasons. However, they haven’t ruled out the possibility of a spinoff show with new characters added to the Stranger Things universe.

#6: Netflix reveals just how binge-worthy Stranger Things is

An average of 8.8 million people watched season two within the first three days with 361,000 having watched all nine episodes in 24 hours.

#7: The show needed permission to use the Ghostbusters costumes

The Duffer Brothers called director Ivan Reitman to explain why they wanted to use the costumes for their characters on Stranger Things. After explaining what Ghostbusters meant to them, Reitman was flattered!

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December 07, 2022 — Nightmare Toys