For those planning on assembling a demonic collection, whether it be big or small, it’s always a good idea to have a plan of action for spending your hard-earned money. Common sense isn’t always as common as you may think, so before you splurge and buy horror memorabilia from all of your favorite films and TV series, we recommend taking the following steps when starting fresh or adding to your frightening collection!

Choose a theme or two and stick with it

If you’re the type of collector who wants to build a frightening assemblage of horror memorabilia then we recommend keeping your focus on a theme or two to start. While you may be the ultimate horror fan who wants anything and everything that you set your sights on, having a theme allows some items to take precedence over others, which can be super helpful if you’re on a budget when Nightmare Toys hosts their next store-wide sale. Not only does choosing a couple of themes keep you narrowly focused, but it also allows you to maintain your sanity, as most collectors don’t have access to an endless pit of financial resources. This is not to say that you can’t branch out and start more collections down the road! In fact, once you possess a reasonable amount of horror memorabilia embellishing one of your themes, simply put it out as an eerie-sistable display and move onto another collection that complements it.

Buy authenticated horror collectibles

Depending on the theme(s) you have chosen, you may have access to some wicked horror memorabilia that’s signed by the actor/actress who played one of your favorite characters. These autographed products are rare, and while they may cost a tad bit more, they will make a devilish addition to your ever-growing collection. Not only will they appreciate value, but they will also cast a chilling shadow on the collections created by your peers.

For those who are planning on starting a Michael Myers (Halloween) collection or a Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th) collection, we currently have a variety of autographed prints and even darker horror memorabilia for sale right now!

Consider your storage situation

Don’t be the horror collector that learns the hard way… after you’ve already purchased way too many items. While the idea is to grow your collection over time, it’s also smart to grow it according to the amount of space you have available. No one wants to be swimming in horror memorabilia, unable to enjoy each item’s amazing detail proudly on display. Whether you want to protect your high-end keepsakes behind lock and key or present everything on dedicated shelves in display cases, be sure to think about your needs and wants at the start of building your collection.

Buy from a reputable vendor

While gaining access to the best horror memorabilia is the most important thing to consider, it’s still imperative to deal with a seller you trust and one that can assist you in achieving your collection goals. This isn’t just about being treated well as a customer, but one that is a great resource for information as well. A good vendor shouldn’t just be someone who sells you the items you want at good prices, but one who collects them themselves!

The good news is that our team at Nightmare Toys lives and breathes everything horror, so you can rest assured that we’ve done our research on the best horror memorabilia on the market and are fellow collectors ourselves!

What is the most exciting part about adding to or starting a whole new collection? Drop a comment below to share with other readers.

December 07, 2022 — Nightmare Toys