Do you often find yourself gifting the same run-of-the-mill items every Valentine’s Day? Does your partner set the bar low out of fear of disappointment? While we aren’t able to recommend gift ideas for every type of person, if your lover is possessed with admiration for cadavers, evil spirits, or anything hocus pocus, then you can drive them batty with access to horror collectibles galore!

Surprise them with some Alien Super Soapies

Is your boo a huge fan of the Alien movie franchise? Look no further! We’ve recently stocked our inventory with the most unique supernatural bubble containers — an Alien Super Soapies Xenomorph and an Alien Super Soapies Kane with Facehugger. Since these out-of-this-world bottles already come pre-filled with soap and a bubble wand intact, your Valentine can blow to their heart’s content and refill it again afterward or simply repurpose the retro container for just about anything. So, if similar to how the parasitic Facehugger is the second stage in the Xenomorph life cycle, you can take your relationship to the second, or even final stage with this spooktacular gift!

Gift some posters to set their heart’s aflame

While some ghoulfriends wouldn’t be as excited to receive hangable artwork, chances are that if yours is an admirer of the genre, there will be screams when they unwrap an eerie-sistable horror poster! With a wide selection ranging from a wicked Silent Night Blacklight Poster to a shark attack visage entitled, “Close the Beaches”, you’re bound to find something spooky and spine-chilling to delight your Valentine!

Nothing screams, “I LOVE YOU” like horror plush

Even the most gruesome sociopaths can look cute and cuddly in a plushie prison! While stuffed toys aren’t the most ingenious gift idea, those that resemble your loved one’s favorite demonic foe will undoubtedly excite them to no end. Plus, your Valentine can either add more memorabilia to their already growing compilation of horror collectibles or simply start an awesome collection from scratch. All that’s left for you to do is to choose from some fearsome companions such as Pennywise, Beetlejuice, and Michael Myers, alongside lesser-known creatures like the killer rabbit from Monty Python or and anticipate their enthusiasm after unnerving these devilish relics!

Which of the above horror collections does your heart burn for? Drop a comment and tell us what you want to receive this Valentine’s Day.

December 07, 2022 — Nightmare Toys