Most movie lovers are tired of watching the same old love stories, and while the horror genre typically isn’t the most romantic, you’d be surprised at just how much intrigue and attachment murderous villains have. So, as an eerie-sistable twist to your Valentine’s Day plan, why not stay in and opt for a good scare by watching one, or both, of these brilliant installments? After all, there must be someone in your life that you love to pieces and your Valentine’s Day plans deserve a good twist and dismemberment? And if that isn’t enough to please your ghoul-friend, some wicked horror memorabilia sure is!

My Bloody Valentine (1981 or 2009)

Whether you’re fond of the classic take on this riveting slasher or you prefer the gore of the vengeful remake, there’s no denying that it’s the most famous Valentine’s Day themed horror movie, and for good reason. Since the aura of murder and mystery vary between the two films, you’ll need to decide the plot sequence you like better before committing to which version to watch.

The original 1981 story takes place in Valentine Bluffs, a quaint, Canadian mining town where a 20-year-old legend surrounding a cannibalistic killer who hates Valentine’s Day becomes all too real for a group of friends who defy town order and celebrate it anyways. When a deranged killer outfitted in mining gear shows up to the dance, subsequent people end up dead in a variety of gory scenes that ultimately inspired the name of the time-honored film.

While the 2009 version doesn’t stem too far from its predecessor, there were some minor tweaks to the plot to give it a fresh, polished appeal as a reemerging slasher film! The backstory, which the audience is given in the form of old newspaper clippings, takes the plot of the original and uses it to explain how the story unfolds. While Harry Warden (mine explosion survivor) is still the town boogeyman, in this version, he is responsible for the massacre of 1999.

Bride of Chucky (1998)

While most fans would consider this horror film to be festive enough based on Tiffany Valentine’s name alone, it does also possess a rather romantic (yet horror-ific) chemistry between two sociopathic killers. As the fourth installment to a very successful franchise, Bride of Chucky ignites the backstory of Charles Lee Ray by giving him an equally deranged love interest. When Chucky is dismantled to pieces at the end of Child’s Play 3, aficionados knew that it wouldn’t be the end of the killer doll. This installment takes place one month later when Tiffany crudely stitches Chucky’s remains back together and performs a voodoo ritual to trap his soul once again into the Good Guy Doll. He awakens and there’s immediately trouble in paradise. Chucky kills Tiffany and transfers her soul into a bride doll. Love is complicated, even for two murderous dolls!

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December 07, 2022 — Nightmare Toys