There’s no question that the Puppet Master franchise possesses the ultimate cult following, with a new film added to its collectible every two years. While killer puppets with animated powers aren’t the most original idea in terms of a horror movie, after you read these five crazy facts about the franchise, it’ll be easy to understand why its popularity far surpasses succeeding films.

#1 The director of the film wasn’t fully paid out

While Charles Band of the Demonic Toys franchise and Full Moon Productions is attributed as being the sole creator of the Puppet Master franchise, many fans don’t know that he also collaborated with director David Schmoeller. However, since Band didn’t want to share the credit for one of his production company’s biggest hit films, Schoeller wasn’t invited to do any DVD commentary and is still waiting on his residuals for the work he did for the franchise.

#2 The first installment went directly to video

One of the best things about enjoying a horror film is watching it accompanied by a larger-than-life screen. Needless to say, because of Puppet Master’s subject matter, this ‘80s B-rated slasher was never allowed a cinematic release. However, that didn’t stop the film from making money! In fact, since direct-to-videos (DTV) were becoming more and more popular, horror fans got to revel in a new experience by viewing the movie for the first time in the comforts of their living room.

#3 Some of the puppets were people

Aside from talented masters operating the marionettes under the Puppet Master’s control, it was also necessary for actual people to represent them during some key scenes as well. This was done by hiring short stunt actors to play the gruesome characters.

#4 Several versions were created of each puppet

To create puppets with a full range of movements multiple versions were created of each marionette. This meant principle puppets for the closeups, stunt puppets for the action-packed scenes, and puppets that would be destroyed. There were so many puppets that many versions never made it into the film.

#5 The Puppet Master franchise has the most horror sequels

Since the original film about toys going on a homicidal killing spree first debuted in 1989, 13 sequels have followed. Surpassing more prominent franchises such as Jason’s Friday the 13th and Michael’s Halloween, the Puppet Master franchise prevails and has even inspired some comics and a few video games.

Things to look forward to for this franchise

Since COVID put a halt on the film industry, the latest installment of this thrilling franchise didn’t make it to theatres. So, for those that didn’t know, Doktor Death is getting a spin-off! All we know is that the plot will follow a young med student who becomes trapped in an erotic nightmare and must face-off against the demon inhabiting the evil puppet. Sounds great! Sign us up.

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December 07, 2022 — Nightmare Toys