Michael Myers action figure

Planned for an August 1, 2018 arrival, pre-order the awesome new Michael Myers action figure so it’s in your home before the mid-October release of the next Halloween movie! It’s a fantastic addition to other Michael Myers collectibles, and it exquisitely details his signature coveralls and white mask. Plus, it comes with a great assortment of accessories, including a Judith Myers tombstone, light-up jack-o-lantern, bloody and clean knives, and a removable ghost sheet (with glasses!) so you can (re)create some memorable scenes!

With news and recent sneak pix of Nick Castle reprising his Shape role, 2018 looks to be quite a year to pay homage to one of the most notorious on-screen horror killers. This Michael Myers One: 12 Collective Action Figure would look perfect alongside your film collection or paired with the Michael Myers Movie Pop! version, bearing those cold, hard eyes. Then whenever you eye them up, you can utter “He came home!” in your best Dr. Loomis voice. You know you’re hearing Donald in your head while reading this, aren’t you?

And speaking of films, the new one is gearing up to be quite the game changer, perhaps more so than the Cult of Thorn canon. It’s supposed to pick up 40 years from John Carpenter’s original classic, not confirmed as of then if Laurie is indeed Michael’s sister. How about re-watching Halloween II then, and making notes of what “never happened”? Of course one of the biggest erasures (and one that has divided many fans), is replacing Danielle Harris’ Jamie with Judy Greer as Karen, Laurie’s actual daughter. Nevertheless, you still can always revisit Harris in The Return of Michael Myers and The Revenge of Michael Myers and appreciate her amazing scream-queen beginnings. The same goes for Halloween H2O, which features Josh Hartnett as Laurie’s son, another detail that will be disregarded, along with obviously forgetting about Jamie Lee Curtis’ death in Resurrection.

Endless analyses can be made for these storylines, from Rob Zombie’s re-imagining to catching celebrities who nabbed roles early in their careers: Dana Carvey, Michelle Williams, Katie Sackhoff, Paul Rudd, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Regardless of what you love or hate, pre-ordering the Michael Myers action figure is a terrific way to get ready for this fresh take on the series and to have your own spooky boogeyman to always remember him by!

Will you be adding this fantastic Michael Myers action figure to your collection? Tell us in the comments section below.

December 07, 2022 — Nightmare Toys