While there’s nothing wrong with stocking up on some devilish costumes for the spooky season ahead, this blog will focus on scary good apparel pieces that you can wear year-round…or whenever you’re feeling dark and mysterious. With a vast assortment of horror tees up for grabs and some specialty items such as shoes and hoodies, you can easily cape your body head to toe with garments that frighten passersby. Plus, you have the perfect opportunity to flaunt wears from your favorite genre franchise. Check out these three scary good apparel pieces today!

Order some chilling horror tees

In line with keeping things casual, horror tees are relaxed in manner, but with a twist. Get yourself some high-quality, comfortable t-shirts, constructed to fit the natural curves of every body type, but select ones that are plastered with popular horror villains, franchise favorites, or even custom designs from our personal Nightmare Toys’ collection. Whatever floats your body, our horror tees are the ultimate disguise.  

Get socks that don’t suck

Although it’s easy to steer towards neutral, plain socks as your go-to with any outfit. Sometimes the only way to masquerade around in horror style. This means that socks are a great solution for those looking for that spooky touch that will go unnoticed. Our collection of horror socks are small but mighty and feature eerie-inspired colors to ensure your outfit is both grim and ghoulish. 

Top it off with some unique footwear

Shoes embellish the deep corners of our personalities. Not only do shoppers strive to grab hold of a product that embodies comfort and longevity, but they also want to wear footwear that kicks a** and with that, our horror shoes category was born. With a choice between sandals, slippers, and flats, the fleshy feet of each horror lover will be well taken care of. 

Are you inspired to start shopping for horror tees, horror socks, or horror shoes? Drop a comment below and let us know.

March 31, 2023 — Alex Wilks