As a cornerstone of horror cinema, the Saw movie franchise has captivated audiences since 2004. Whether the films have been made memorable to you because of the gore, puzzles, or dilemmas, its popularity and merchandise selection continues to grow. However, beyond Jigsaw, there are some lesser-known aspects about the franchise that we believe add depth and intrigue within the series. Let’s explore them.  

There are philosophical roots

The Saw movie franchise draws inspiration from philosophical concepts, particularly existentialism and utilitarianism. The character of Jigsaw, whose real name is John Kramer, embodies elements of existentialism, questioning the purpose of life and human choices. His rural tests for his victims often revolve around utilitarian principles, exploring the value of sacrifice for the greater good.

The timeline is twisted 

Since the narrative in the Saw series is not presented in chronological order, it easily adds a layer of complexity to the overall storyline. With frequent flashbacks and nonlinear side stories weaving a web of connections between characters and events, each new installment reveals surprising plot twists. 

Each film is influenced by real-life events

The creators of the Saw movie franchise drew inspiration from real-life incidents and experiences. The film’s initial idea emerged from news articles about survival and extreme situations. The overarching theme of appreciating life and the consequences of our actions was also influenced by the 9/11 attacks, showcasing the fragility and value of life. 

The Saw movie franchise has a global impact

The impact of the Saw movie franchise isn’t just limited to its original English-speaking audience. In fact, its success has spawned international adaptations, including Jigsaw (2017) in Mandarin and Spiral (2021) in Telugu and Tamil, showcasing its global reach and influence on a diverse audience. 

Gore and fear are just two words often used to describe the Saw movie franchise. With several philosophical underpinnings, real-world influences, and a labyrinth of twisted timelines, this horror series will continue to be named one of the most influential cinematic horror sagas of all time.

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October 20, 2023 — Alex Wilks