Whether poor weather is what’s keeping you home or you’ve simply aged out of the art of trick-or-treating, there are lots of fun Halloween activities for those looking to chill indoors this year. So, instead of reminiscing about working for your candy stash, how about selecting from the many equally chilling suggestions below? 

Hand out candy

Wouldn’t it be frightful to play role reversal this Halloween and be the giver rather than the receiver of candy? Make sure to stock up so you can enjoy passing out goodies until the ghosts and ghouls decide to return to their crypts at night. 

If you end up loving your role as a candy giver, be sure to grab hold of a fun pail, bucket, or cauldron to hold your sweet pieces for next year!

Paint or carve pumpkins

Are there any pumpkins still lying around your home that need a spooktacular design? It’s never too late to turn a simple gourd into an impressive jack-o-lantern—even if you’ve only managed to carve the time out on Halloween night. Google some fun designs, stencil your pumpkins, and spend your unearthly evening inspired. You can even browse our online collection of pumpkin decor if you need some grim ideas! 

Host a games night

Kids, adults, and supernatural entities, all are welcome for Halloween games night! Whether you want to keep things simple by playing your favorite card or board game or keep things spooky by planning a bizarre murder mystery event, anything goes on All Hallow’s Eve.

While our officially licensed horror games wouldn’t arrive in time for Halloween, you can browse and order today so that you’re better prepared for next year! 

Bake some tasty treats

When it comes to fun Halloween activities, nothing is better than some tasty treats, especially if they’re homemade. So, invite some friends over and get to baking some spooky-inspired cookies, cupcakes, or both! You can decorate them to look like something ghoulish or simply use black, purple, and orange icing to give them that hair-raising touch. 

Go to the movies or watch one at home

Although true horror lovers bask in the glow of movie light year-round, Halloween is the perfect time to escape the mayhem of festivities and take advantage of some new flicks. If your local theatre doesn’t have anything good airing, grab all the snacks and watch a marathon of all your favorite classics at home by candlelight. 

Which of the above-suggested fun Halloween activities are you planning on taking part in? Drop a comment below to share.

October 28, 2022 — Jeff Lew