Add a dark geeky touch to your kitchen with horror fridge magnets that apply just the right touch of homage to your favorite genre classics. These chunky, wooden trinkets enhance any magnetic surface with their spooky laser-die cut designs and are perfect for decorating the fridge and freezer. Plus, you can also spruce up poster and photo frames, chalkboards, shelving, and even metallic headboards! Whether your tastes run killer, creature, or occult, check out these awesome selections:

Bad Boys

Some of horror’s most beloved men, who are always looking for attention in their own unique ways. For a strong reminder about a task or an event, tack a Jason Voorhees magnet on your memo. Posing with his trusty machete in hand, he’s a terrific way to emphasize that you can’t forget that important date. Or stick his iconic mask to a schedule (even better for a hockey roster!), so everyone knows when it’s time to coordinate plans.

Perhaps you prefer a bit more pizazz to your fridge or frame. How about the guy who made Christmas color sweaters and fedora hats an unforgettable fashion statement? Pin Freddy Krueger up, and you’ll always have his come-hither look staring right back. You can also attach a Nightmare on Elm Street sign to pay tribute to one of the most famous addresses in horror history.

Mark your list of treats you’re not sharing with Leatherface showing off his flexibility at wielding power tools. Both the black and white Texas Chainsaw Massacre and the color chainsaw above the head magnets are subtle yet effective hints that others should respect your claim to certain goodies.

Impishly Cute Gremlins

If you want an extra incentive to not eat all of the ice cream (or at least scoop it in moderation), use Gizmo to help curtail cravings. Of course, he is so damn adorable that maybe he’s better at holding coffee coupons than cautioning against late-night indulgences. Better off using Spike then, to point out that too many snack attacks may not be a good idea.

Love for the Dead

Sometimes horror fridge magnets need not do anything more than make a statement about what warms your ghoulish soul. Take I Heart Zombies, for example – a matter of fact expression about your love for walkers and freshly beating organs. And then there’s the spirit summoning Ouija planchette, a miniature version of many ghost hunter’s or summoner’s delight!

Which horror magnets will you be adding to your collection? Tell us in the comments section below!

December 07, 2022 — Nightmare Toys