Whether you’re a horror film lover who indulges in the bloodcurdling nature of horror movies year-round or you simply binge-watch to your heart’s content for the entire month of October, there’s no doubt that everyone has their opinions when it comes to the most gruesomely awesome tales and the ones that are just plain boo. That being said, regardless of whether you prefer the slow moving torment of psychotic killers like Michael Myers rather than the demonic possession of dolls such as Chucky, there’s no denying that these pop-culture slasher films have earned a rightful place in our horror loving hearts, but how sequel movies that are so incredibly terrible that they their nonsensical plotlines make you stir in your grave…or on your couch.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning

There’s no arguing the spine-chilling originality behind the notorious Leatherface and his home of relative minions, but why did producers have to ruin the story of our favorite chainsaw wielding maniac by redefining his character in an otherwise terrible prequel? Let’s be real here…real horror fans don’t care about his sob story as to why he peels back the skin of his victims and turns them into masks. They only care about his daunting persistence when it comes to catching his prey. So, if you’ve seen this film, we feel bad for you, and if you haven’t please don’t even bother. Please just stick to the cult classic from the early 70s. After all, the masks are absolutely brilliant in their ingenuity.

The Fly 2

When it comes to unsuccessful sequels The Fly 2, in our opinion, is unable to stand tall next to its prior memorable masterpiece. The whole mutant father passes his genetic to mutant son has been so abused by horror movies that it lacked any sense of imagination and creativeness.

Blair Witch 2: Book of Shadows

Maybe it was just the positively nauseating camerawork or potentially the boring scripted documentary style, but this sequel film definitely didn’t do its predecessor any justice. It lacked the edgy appeal of the original film, which predates this one by only a year. Maybe the producers should have given it a bit more time in between or maybe the pointless storyline could have used a few more rewrites? Regardless of how you feel about the second film in this horror franchise, we can probably both agree that when it’s compared to other horror movies, it lacks any true depth or supernatural appeal beyond a sense of mass hysteria.

The Exorcist II

There has to be a correlation between poor horror movies and badly written sequels. While the original Exorcist movie did incredibly well at the box office, notably becoming one of the most popular supernatural horror films of all time, it also set the groundwork for future possession-type films. However, the second movie didn’t really serve a purpose in aiding the originals already high horror status. In fact, as one of the otherworldly five film franchise, it investigated the death of the priest who was killed during the original exorcist. Luckily, horror movie lovers have continued to re-watch the first film without tarnish their connection to its legacy through the poorly executed sequels.

Do you know of any other sequels to horror movies that simply don’t make the cut? Tell us in the comments section below.

December 09, 2022 — Nightmare Toys