plush monsters

Propped up on the couch or bed, nestled in a chair, or hanging off of a shelf, plush monsters are a horror geek favorite. They’re as treasured as a fuzzy blanket, fun to look at, and a perfect reminder that you’re never too old to enjoy horror toys. Thinking about adding a few more to your home? Take a look at these spooky cute collectibles.

Soft Ghosties

We make no guarantee that you won’t constantly be humming the “Who Ya Gonna Call?” theme, but these Ghostbusters stuffies are too adorable to pass up! There are all kinds of décor possibilities when you set the Logo Ghost by PHUNNY near the Funko Mopeez Slimer, who’s weighted down for better positioning. For anyone who thinks there’s never enough squishy Stay Puft, we have two slightly different kinds! The 5” seated Mopeez Marshmallow Man features the same weighted frame as Slimer, and the 6” standing Fabrikations Stay Puft has a rotating head, so get both and create your own supernatural battle scene.

Iconic Heroes and Villains

On the note of making up scenarios, there are a few guys that inspire quite the horror mash-ups. Think Army of Darkness Ash, extending his chainsaw hand to a plushy Jason – frenemies? The next great genre turf war? Placing soft and cuddly Puppet Master Blade (who loves mincemeat pie, by the way), together with his hitman hot-dog loving buddy Torch seems natural. But how about flanking them alongside the equally endearing Terminator T800, for triple the tribute to film classics?

Snuggly Extraterrestrials

An assembly of plush monsters isn’t complete until you include some outer space creepies. PHUNNY’s Facehugger should satisfy Xenomorph fever, but then the word “creepy” becomes somewhat subjective. That’s because the PHUNNY Chestburster has such lovable little arms, which makes it seem more buddy then foe when facing the Angry Unmasked Predator doll. Hmmm, maybe the two species can learn to love one another….

Huggable Creatures

PHUNNY’s 8” Gizmo ups the charm a millionfold, with their stuffed version of the enchanting Mogwai. Even their Spike is a precious plush, and may have you forgetting about his rampages. It’s also possible to overlook Godzilla’s tantrums and Cthulhu’s reign of chaos, given their ultra snuggly faces!

Remember too, that all of these devilish stuffed toys make great gifts for kids. Although we’re not going to object if you decide to keep My First Zombie for yourself!

Which of these plush monsters is your favorite? Tell us in the comments section below!

December 07, 2022 — Nightmare Toys