Hocus Pocus is a beloved cult classic that has enchanted audiences since its release in 1993. Following the tale of the mischievous Sanderson sisters and their quest to regain their youth on Halloween night, the original film truly has become the soul of the spooky season. After the success of the second installment, rumors have swirled about the potential resurrection of the bewitching franchise for a third installment. In this blog, we will explore the trilling speculation of a Hocus Pocus 3 and any hints that suggest the witching hour may be upon us! Here’s what we know so far.

The cult classic returned once already

For years, fans have yearned for a bewitching sequel, and the enthusiasm has only continued since their prayers were answered last Halloween. Moreover, annual screenings of the time-honored original keep the Sanderson sisters alive and well—as alive and well as they can be, anyways—to the minds of all horror lovers. That said, the immense popularity of both films has bridged the gap between generations, alongside the resurgence of memorabilia, like Hocus Pocus funkos. It’s easy to see how this nostalgia-driven entertainment has ignited the hope for a third installment. 

Director and cast

One of the most exciting aspects to fuel a potential return is the enthusiasm from the wicked cast. Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy, alongside director Kenny Ortega, have all teased the possibility of further exploring the magical world of Hocus Pocus. 

Plot possibilities

While there are no official plot details, there are some rumors about potential storylines. Will the Sanderson sisters manage to return from the afterlife for a third attempt at wreaking havoc on Salem? Will a new set of characters find themselves battling the witches. The possibilities are endless!

Disney’s binge on remakes and sequels

As a Disney property, Hocus Pocus already has the backing of one of the most successful entertainment companies globally. Disney has been investing in revisiting some of its classic franchises and created a huge amount of reboots and sequels. Given the overwhelming fan demand and the studio’s track record of capitalizing on nostalgia, Hocus Pocus 3 seems like a no-brainer.

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August 18, 2023 — Alex Wilks