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It’s a barn burner out there! The birds are screeching, the sun is sweltering down and the flowers are merciless with color. It’s safe to say that the summer season is upon us and nothing quite screams summer, like a BBQ with your homies. Whether you’re kicking it at the beach, floating a tube down the river or sitting in the backyard soaking up the sun rays, you probably have a snack in one hand and a drink in the other.

You could be flashing your summer drink in the traditional plastic solo cup, but that would be boring. If everything about you distresses horror fanatic, keep your passion alive with some nifty, horror-themed mugs and glassware that are so jarring you’ll get chills.

Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, Drinking Glasses

Not just some drab drinking cups, this perfect pair of ghoulish horror glasses come featuring Elvira, the Mistress herself. These hair-raising cups are approximately 5.75” tall and are fangtastically packaged in a purple, spider web-like gift box. They will look spine-chilling inside of any crypt or simply in the cup holder of your inflatable tube raft.

horror glasses 1

Mars Attacks Drinking Glasses

Nightmare Toys is also featuring another bloodcurdling glassware deal, but this time the deal is out of this world. A fleet of Martian spacecrafts could be taking over your BBQ table this summer after the purchase of a couple outer-worldly, super sci-fi Mars Attacks horror glasses. Approximately 5.75” tall, these frightful Tim Burton inspired cups call for a full-scale nuclear retaliation… of your beverage that is!

horror glasses 2

Nightmare Before Christmas Mugs

Drink a toast to BBQ season with these Nightmare Before Christmas bamboo tumbler mugs. If the Pumpkin King stumbled his way into the summer world, I bet he would raise a glass to these environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic cups. With both a Jack Skellington and Sally Finklestein mug this gruesome twosome will make any solemn day better.

horror glasses 3

Do you have any must-have horror glasses for your summer plans? Tell us in the comments section below.

December 07, 2022 — Nightmare Toys