Tired of the Same Old Boring Holiday Dresses? Rock These Instead!

With the holiday season in front of us, it can be hard to find party dresses that are not sparkly or otherwise Christmas-themed. While this time of year means there will be a lot of parties going on, it does not mean that you have to wear the same old boring outfits as everyone else. So, if you’d rather stay true to your style and stand out from the crowd, try these horror dresses instead.

Devil Made Me Do It Skater Dress

Devil Made Me Do It Skater red Dress

This dress is a beautiful vibrant red, with a design more interesting than the typical skull motif, as it features devil faces, tridents, and pentacles, among others. With three-quarter length sleeves and a flared mini-skirt, it’s easy to move in. If you’re likely to be outside and cold, you could combine it with the matching leggings, or contrast it with these crossbone leggings if you’re worried about too much red all at once (is that a thing that people worry about? Well, just in case it is, you’ve got options). This is a great dress to choose when you want to stand out, and put your love of horror on full display.

Spiderweb White Skater Dress

Black Spiderweb White Skater Horro Dress

With a simple and classic design, this spiderweb dress is a great choice if you’d like to show your individuality without standing out too much at the office holiday bash. Or, if you don’t feel like fitting in at all, for something even more unique, you can accessorize with some pretty cool jewelry, not to mention matching leggings (which are also subtle but beautifully different). Featuring three-quarter length sleeves, a sweetheart neckline, and an eye-catching spider-skull on the chest, this horror dress is beautifully distinctive and sure to catch eyes everywhere.

Thursdays Poison Flare Dress

horror dresses

At first glance, this dress might look ordinary from the back but get a bit closer, and you’ll notice the unique spider web collar. From the front, the collar is on full display, combined with skull buttons down the front, and ‘Poison’ written on the chest. This dress combines some fun elements, with skulls and spiders working together to make a great design. You could add a final element of bats, with a pop of color, if you’d like some extra coverage in winter weather. A classic style and shape with a one-of-a-kind design, this dress is sure to be noticed, no matter where you go, making sure that your uniqueness is unmistakable.

What are some of your favorite holiday looks? Share them with us in the comments section below!

December 07, 2022 — Nightmare Toys