It’s Friday the 13th and since this ghastly date of superstition is usually traced back to occurrences at Camp Crystal Lake, we thought why not shake things up with a blog submission highlighting the Scream franchise instead? So, since you aren’t out ravaging your dark and demonic side, why not have a look through the ultimate Ghostface goodies available for purchase on

Ghostface Living Dead Doll from Mezco Toyz

“What’s your favorite scary movie?” While everyone possesses their own visceral reaction to the horror movie genre, the reality is that petrifying jump-scares are the primal ingredient that light up your inner monster. So, as the undoubtful master of horror movie trivia, you would likely survive an encounter pegged against the silent, scouting stalker, Ghostface.

This chilling pre-order is the first of its kind, a devilish remembrance to honor the sinister slayer of Woodsboro, California. Standing 10 inches tall, and outfitted in his signature hooded robe, complete with mask and hunting knife, this Ghostface Living Dead Doll is ready to be put on display. “Who’s there?”, you ask. “Don’t you watch scary movies?”

Ghostface Horrornaments

While traditional ornaments are manufactured to be hung on your holiday tree, horrornaments are meant to be a spine-chilling specter placed on display year-round. So, whether you’re a fan of the Scream franchise or you simply adore the unnerving slasher, Ghostface, it’s evident that you’ll need these masked figurines as an addition to your wicked horror collection.

Ghostface Action Figure from Neca

While some Ghostface fanatics prefer to look at the otherworldly details of their collectible from behind protective glass, others relish the chance to re-enact their favorite plot sequences. So, naturally, fans of the Scream franchise will shriek with excitement after they get their hands on this pre-order of Ghostface in his 8” Clothed Action Figure form. Featuring a screen-accurate, sculpted mask, interchangeable hands, hunting knife, retro cell phone, and even his signature voice-changer, this highly detailed and fully poseable figure is a nightmare come true.

Which hair-raising Scream franchise collectible do you want visible within your crypt? Drop a comment below to compare with other Ghostface fans.


December 07, 2022 — Nightmare Toys