Mabry Monsters - Everett Mask


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Mabry Monsters - Everett Mask

Sculpted by Justin Mabry

Inspired by the famous monster that came out during the height of Scary Halloween Mask collecting, Everett, sculpted by Justin Mabry, is a classic piece that is still haunting to this day.

Complete with graveyard green flesh, a wonderful black wash, white dead hair, and, of course, eye holes that show the wearers eyes, this Halloween Mask is a must have for any horror fan and is a true reflection of the attention to detail that Trick or Treat Studios values in its line of Scary Halloween Products.

Great with a nice ragged cloak, rotting shirt or gown, put on Everett and chase your friends around town!

Mabry Monsters © & TM Justin Mabry

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