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Are you looking for the Stranger Things Action Figures for sale? Visit Nightmare Toys today to order Stranger Things Action Figures, dolls, vinyl figures, collectibles, and more online. Before jumping straight into the Stranger Things Action Figures, let's first talk about some history. The Netflix Original Series Stranger Things started streaming worldwide in July 2016. The hit series was written by Matt Duffer and Ross Duffer, often referred to as the Duffer Brothers. The American Twin brothers are known for writing and directing sci-fi films and horror television shows, leading them to one of their masterpieces, Stranger Things.

What started as an idea finally became a reality as the Duffer Brothers successfully pitched their creation on Netflix, leading them to work with Dan Cohen and eventually brought to Shawn Levy as the director and producer of the Stranger Things series.

The concept of Stranger Things revolved around a group of young friends in the 1980s living in Indiana who witnessed supernatural activities, one of their friends being abducted, and a strange girl appearing in the woods. Their curiosity and mission to save their lost friend led them to untangle even more peculiar mysteries as they attempted to find answers.

Stranger Things was able to brilliantly mix sci-fi, heartfelt friendship, love stories, supernatural horror, and many other stranger things all packed in one show. There's a reason why the Netflix series has reached unfathomable ratings and instantly became a global phenomenon.

Along with the booming success comes the storm of Stranger Things fandom. They are all captured by the breathtaking plot of the hit series and fascinated by the young characters played by Millie Bobby Brown, Caleb McLaughlin, Finn Wolfhard, Gaten Matarazzo, Noah Schnapp, and Sadie Sink. Each actor has portrayed their characters brightly well and earned the support of many people who watch the show worldwide.

Fans were able to showcase their support by watching every season as soon as it streams online through Netflix. However, Stranger Things fandoms want to take it up a notch by collecting Stranger Things Action Figures. This is a way of paying tribute to your favorite characters and the chance to add these Stranger Things Figures to your collections.

At Nightmare Toys, we aim to provide complete access to your favorite characters coming from 2016's most critically acclaimed Netflix Original Series, Stranger Things. Wanting you to immerse entirely with the experience of Stranger Things by delivering top-notch figures at your doorstep. We guarantee that we've covered everything for those looking to find the Best Stranger Things Action Figures online.

Our aim is for you to conveniently collect Stranger Things Pop Figures, Stranger Things Action Figure Set, and figure characters like Will, Mike, Eleven, Hopper, Lucan, Dustin, Max, Steve, and more all in one place. This way, you won't have to be lost in the wilderness trying to find each item from different places.

With these high-quality collectibles, you'll be able to showcase your appreciation for the hit series and re-imagine your favorite scenes with the stylized action figures featuring characters from Stranger Things. Unravel the mystery of the upside down along with the crew and collect Stranger Things Action Figures here at Nightmare Toys today!