Area 51 Alien Embryo Jar - Red Variant


Area 51 Alien Embryo Jar - Red Variant

Straight from the Nevada Test and Training Range comes a United States Air Force Area 51 facility Alien specimen. The minions were granted unprecedented access to this facility after agreeing to help with a zombie infestation.

This alien embryo is thought to be one of many recovered after the Roswell UFO incident ... the alien colonization craft having been only partially destroyed in the accident.

This is a high quality foam-filled and hand-painted latex prop and has many possibilities. Stuff him and mount him on your mantel. Just leave him locked away in his jar for all of eternity. Or better yet, flood his jar with a liquid of your choice for better preservation. (see note)

This is a foam-filled latex prop.

NOTE: Da Shipping Goon recommends using several layers of a product sealant such as the clear coat Performix Plasti-Dip or Monster Makers Perma-Wet if you plan on submerging your Manor’s Minion prop in water or any other liquid.

Dimensions are as follows:
Specimen Jar - 7" Height 4.38" Wide
Alien Specimen - 6" Tall 3.5" Wide

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