DIY - Pumpkin Mask Kit


DIY - Pumpkin Mask Kit

Sculpted by Anders Lerche

Tired of the same-old pumpkin mask ? Want to carve out (cut out) your own sinister design ?! Look no further my fellow minions, Lord Grimley will provide the finished mask, and you provide the inspiration.

Sitting in the doldrums and don’t want to force your shriveled brain to work harder, that’s ok too, the manor will provide several stencils for you to digitally download and use. Heck, our minion will create a Youtube training video just in case all of this sounds a bit crazy.

Kit includes:

1) Digital download stencil Link >

2) Black-out cloth.

3) A Finished and painted un-cut latex pumpkin mask blank.

……………. or get creative, and carve (cut out) your own design !

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