Trick or Treat Studios, Global Merchandising Services and Rob Zombie are proud to present the Official Tiny Mask, from Rob Zombieメs cult classic House of 1,000 Corpses.

Based on hundreds of behind the scenes pictures, Erich Lubatti sculpted this amazing mask that is dead on accurate to the mask used in the movie.

So get yourself a happy face sweater and terrorize all your friends this Halloween.

On October 30, 1977, an attempted burglary by two masked men at a gas station goes wrong due to distraction as the owner shoots both masked men in self-defense. Later on, Jerry Goldsmith, Bill Hudley, Mary Knowles, and Denise Willis are on the road in hopes of writing a book on offbeat roadside attractions. When the four meet Captain Spaulding, the owner of a gas station and "The Museum of Monsters & Madmen", they learn the local legend of Dr. Satan. As they take off in search of the tree from which Dr. Satan was hanged, they pick up a young hitchhiker named Baby, who claims to live only a few miles away. Shortly after, the vehicle's tire bursts in what is later seen to be a trap and Baby takes Bill to her family's house. Moments later, Baby's half-brother, Rufus, picks up the stranded passengers and takes them to the family home.