The “Horror Action Figures”, “Horror Clothing”, and “Horror Masks” sections are always trending categories for aficionados looking for chilling items to add to their evergrowing collections. However, while the above three categories are often clicked, there are some lesser-known horror sections on our website that might shock you. Continue reading to learn how to grab hold of some devilish products with deep discounts.

Horror toys and collectible pre-orders

The “Pre-Orders” section is an online category that caters to the die-hard horror fans who want to be the first in line when our store receives new collectibles. While you won’t receive the items directly after your purchase, you’re among the first on the waitlist for when we’re able to grab hold of exciting, popular horror toys after their debut. Shop this section for eerie-sistable grabs from a wide variety of chilling horror franchises and anticipate the arrival of your grim package down the road. Be sure that you check out the shipping date so that you can remain in the loop and keep your eyes peeled on your email inbox as that date approaches because we will be sending a confirmation email to let you know exactly when your horror toys will arrive. Happy shopping!

Weekly horror deals

If the price tag is what’s stopping you from grabbing hold of some wicked horror collectibles then this category is screaming out to you. Every week we’re adding horror toys, accessories, clothing, and memorabilia to this section and slashing down the prices. Help us to clear out some inventory and build your horror collection from the ground up. The best part about “Weekly Deals” is that prices are further gutted during a seasonal sale.

Blowout on horror overstock

Every once in a while we’re left with an abundance of a singular horror product in our inventory. This happens when items are seasonal or ordered for an exhibition event. Instead of keeping a huge amount of overstock at our horror warehouse, we choose to offer heavy discounts to ensure space for future horror toys and collectibles. Our loss is your gain and many customers routinely peruse the “Horror Overstock” section on the haunt for the most otherworldly, gruesome accessories.

Which new horror category are you excited to check out? Drop a comment below to tell us what your favorite section is on our website.

December 07, 2022 — Nightmare Toys