Horror collectibles are only as good as the films they represent, and since we do all things horror here at Nightmare Toys, it shouldn’t take much to convince fans of our blog that it’s the most appealing genre. However, if you’re new to our gruesome way of life and need that added push, continue reading to learn about why we are the best!

Each horror icon is unique

Whether you adore Pennywise, Jigsaw, or Michael Myers, there’s no denying that the horror genre has some of the best icons to represent their iconic franchises. While other movie and TV show characters are universally recognized, the signature performance of horror and the multi-faceted characterization of each villain’s role strikes a nerve amongst movie-goers. Plus, horror collectibles featuring their timeless visage are equally as unparalleled.

Frightening an audience is a type of entertainment that requires skill

While horror can often be dismissed as a lesser genre by something like comedy, it’s far more challenging to truly scare an audience rather than making them laugh. The same goes for the challenge of directing a horror film—many creatives will dabble in this genre but its difficult landscape narrows down who can make a career move in this genre, as inexperience leads to very bad results. True terror requires mad skills!

The horror genre forces us to face our fears

Many popular franchises, spooky characters, and grim settings are taken from real-life inspirations, and when these tragedies are formulated into movies, it helps the population to cope with the real horrors happening in the world around us. In fact, horror movies are a great outlet to rationalize some of our biggest fears, while remaining comfortable with the knowledge that “it’s only a movie”. Horror movies also enable us to confront many universal fears that are sharedfor example, death. Aside from this, common themes are loss of childhood, alienation, consumerism, aging, illness, political and social turmoil, the vulnerability of the human body, and the post-apocalyptic end of the human race

Scary always beats romantic

We aren’t saying that there is anything wrong with a good ol’ chick flick here and there, these types of films weren’t designed to please both sexes. So, couples and friends alike who’re looking for a great cinematic experience are best testing the date night waters with a terrifying movie versus a sappy one. Not only is it guaranteed to open the door for comfort and reassurance from your loved one, but it’s exciting for everyone involved!

If you wanted to convince someone who isn’t familiar with horror to test the waters, which flick would you recommend to them?

December 07, 2022 — Nightmare Toys