Although March isn’t notoriously known as the spookiest month of the year, there’s still a chill in the air when it comes to horror movie releases. Continue reading below to hear about three bloodcurdling films making their debut this month and let us know which ones you’re interested in watching.

Sin Eater (March 15, 2022):

While labeling Sin Eater as the “best new horror movie” in March is rather subjective, we will summarize its contents so that you can make that judgment yourself. When a woman on the run suffers a terrifying injury after a car crash, she finds herself stranded in a small town whose residents are harboring dark secrets. With her jaw wired shut, she must navigate the bizarre religious phenomena around her, and while fighting the inner demons from her past, she must also face real demons who’re trying to steal her soul. Will she make it out alive?

Only film-goers will learn the outcome of this supernatural thriller.

Night’s End (March 31, 2022):

Making it to the theatres won’t be a problem if you decide that the “best new horror movie” of March is Night’s End! This Shudder original will be made available on the final day of March and its chilling plotline will have horror fans in the corner of their couches. While little is known about the flick’s plot, what we do know is that this devilish horror installment follows the story of a protagonist who unknowingly moves into a haunted apartment unit. After multiple run-ins with evil forces, they hire a mysterious stranger to perform an exorcism that takes a horrific turn for the worst.

Anyone else is a huge fan of exorcisms?

Midnight in Hell (March 31, 2022):

This horror installment is for zombie lovers who have been waiting for a flick to mark an apocalypse rising. As an independent film, it will not be gracing the big screen but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t shape up to be the “best new horror movie” of March! Following the tale of two cemetery custodians and their attempt to escape the grave, Midnight in Hell is full of blood, gore, and cannibalism.

There’s always room for zombies in our movie night lineup. How about yours?

This month is full of surprises. Which film will be the best new horror movie in March?

December 07, 2022 — Nightmare Toys