Stocking Stuffers for Horror Fans

There’s an extra level of excitement that comes from trying to figure out what’s stuffed inside a holiday stocking. Candy? Scratch-off tickets? A reference guide for the Pet Sematary or Zuni Fetish Warrior dolls? Set a reputation for bestowing the best darkly delightful goodies, and take a look at these gifts for horror fans that keep that ghoulish spirit alive all year long.


Presentation, presentation, presentation. It’s all about how you wrap it up, and pairing some mini liquor bottles with a Haunted Casino shot glass (or two!) definitely makes an impression. Go ahead, and grab that fireball whiskey gift set, scour those 99-cent bins at the liquor outlet, or splurge on premium tequila; they’re all perfect for sipping. If you’re gifting a single craft beer or soda, tie a Jason Voorhees bottle opener to the neck or make morning brews fun for coffee, tea, and travel lovers with the Camp Arawak travel series mug, accompanied by a tin of coffee beans or tea leaves.


Refrigerator magnets are always cool gifts for horror fans because they’re a practical way to express interests and personality. Late night snackers can use Scooby Doo and Sabrina to hold up menus or place Scooby Doo Group on the freezer door to guard it front and center. For the ghost lovers in your life, who knows what the ouija planchette will summon from within the kitchen?

Writing Set

We can’t promise any results from keeping spells, er, notes, in the Necronomicon journal, but it is one hell of an awesome book! With 200 pages bound in faux leather, the Army of Darkness-inspired diary easily fits into travel bags. Of course, no book is complete without an instrument, so match it with a killer Pop! Pen, spirit channeling not included.

Beauty Accessories

It takes a special someone to give a girl jewelry and hair clips that truly reflect her. Be that person, and nestle a charming horror icon necklace in with her gifts. Or choose a blood-spattered skeleton hand necklace if she fancies something brighter. Both match with skeleton bone hair slides, as well as with diamante devil horns, so she can add impish flair to her tresses.

What little things will you treat your horror fan with this Christmas? Share your ideas in the comments section below.

December 07, 2022 — Nightmare Toys