For some, February 14th is a day that’s caped in misery, but for horror fans who’ve given their hearts away, it’s just another time of year to show your ghoul that you care. And what better way to spread some love than to opt for a few gifts that fit their horror narrative. Listed below are four categories we’re recommending to our shoppers whose hearts are possessed this season.

Grab hold of spooktacular horror tees

Cool gifts for horror fans can be hard to find, which is why as your premier source for all things horror, naturally, we’ve got an assortment of horror tees that feature our favorite characters, villains, and cult legends. Not only are these chilling pop culture t-shirts the ultimate cozy and casual apparel, but their ghastly appearance allows aficionados to express themselves out loud. If it slashes, we’ve likely got some in our stockpile of unnerving threads Keep things simple this Ghoul-entine’s Day and grab a few black, spell-binding tees for your loved one!

Bring on the horror plush

Soft, cuddly, and oh-so-scary, we’ve got an abundance of horror plush characters to choose from! As cool gifts for horror fans, plush characters are fun and cute, while remaining true to their bloodcurdling identities. With options to choose a popular franchise face or a devilish, genre-inspired apparition, you’ll have the selection you need to ensure that your boo has a special V-Day!

Horror action figures are timeless

As a collector yourself, you know the excitement that follows a new horror action figure purchase. So, if your special someone is anything like yourself, they also cherish that same feeling. Be sure to not disappoint by shopping our horror action figures collection on the haunt for a memorable piece that gets their black hearts pumping. Choose from ¼ scale figures, 8” scale figures, body knockers, bobbleheads, and everything in between, rest assured that your surprise will be equally as eerie as it is delightful!

Horror pins for that last minute touch

You don’t need to spend a lot to receive the wow factor on your Ghout-entine’s Day gift! In fact, cool gifts for horror fans can come in frightfully small packages as well. Horror pins are gruesome representations of larger hair-raising genre favorites and feature tiny details that you can’t get with any other type of collectible. Jam-packed with color and realism, these teeny purchases are the best last-minute touches to your grand love day gesture!

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How’s that for cool gifts for horror fans? Let us know what you thought about the suggestions in the comment section below.

December 07, 2022 — Nightmare Toys