Why are some new horror t-shirts the best wardrobe decision you’ve ever made? Well, that is likely because they’re comfortable, affordable, fitting, and spooky, therefore checking all the boxes of must-have horror items. Shop our wide selection of horror t-shirts featuring edgy designs, colors, and characters, all of which boast spooktacular graphics.

Halloween Shirt Company tees

This western Kentucky t-shirt company exclusively prints horror t-shirts with a focus on creating, designing, and printing the most unique, spooktacular threads. With a focus on all things Halloween rather than specific franchises, this brand carries high-quality, unisex styles featuring wicked witches, trick or treating cats, the headless horseman, and their classic, “Long Live Halloween Shirt” with all our favorite creep-tastic traditions embellished on the tee.

Bioworld tees

This Canadian pop-culture apparel company manufacturers officially licensed horror t-shirts, accessories, and home goods, many of which feature the faces of our favorite fearsome foes. Made using high-quality cotton, buyers can choose shirts that embellish ‘90s Pennywise, the original Chucky Good Guy doll, and even a t-shirt version of The Exorcist classic poster. Franchise admirers beware! You’ll want to grab hold of all the Bioworld horror t-shirts we have!

Retro-A-Go-Go tees

While modern flicks are equally as spooky and beloved as the classics, there’s an alarming amount of nostalgia around retro horror, which is why Retro-a-go-go attire focuses on yesteryear villains and folklore. Enjoy the visage of Dracula, Frankenstein, or a ghastly green alien and turn some heads with your future wardrobe staples. After all, why not have some horror t-shirts that embellish your love of the genre?

If you’re on the haunt for some eerie day-to-day v-necks, shop our selection of Halloween Shirt Company tees, Bioworld horror t-shirts, and Retro-A-Go-Go attire.

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December 07, 2022 — Nightmare Toys