Are you an avid collector of The Evil Dead movie memorabilia? We’re pleased to announce that this exciting horror franchise has just received a game for all to play in glorious 4k! With Deadites—a parasitic demon species that seek to possess and feast on the souls of living beings—on the move, it’ll be impossible to put down your controller.

The Evil Dead franchise

While this American horror film franchise is small, it’s mighty, consisting of four feature-length movies and a television series. Beginning in 1981 and spanning to 2013, the Evil Dead movies are comedic and horrifying, centering around an ancient Necromoicon text that unleashes havoc and death when awakened.

  • The Evil Dead (1981): The original Evil Dead movie follows four friends who overnight at a mysterious cabin in the woods where they find the Necronomicon, an old text that awakens the date when read aloud.
  • Evil Dead II (1987): The second Evil Dead movie takes place at the same secluded cabin with survivor Ash and his ongoing battle with the horrifying demons. After discovering an audiotape left by a professor containing voices reading from the Book of the Dead, Ash’s girlfriend becomes possessed by the spirits awakened on the tape.
  • Army of Darkness (1992): Transported back to medieval times, the third Evil Dead movie follows Ash as he’s captured by the dreaded Lord Arthur after being sent on a perilous mission to recover the Necronomicon. Accompanied by his deadly chainsaw, he must fight against an army of the dead to return home.
  • Evil Dead (2013): While following the framework of the original film, this recent installment involves a cabin, the awakening of an ancient demon, and all hell breaking loose on four friends during their drug cleanse.

What can fans expect from The Evil Dead game?

Launching a mere week ago (May 13) on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC, Evil Dead: The Game is an action-packed, multiplayer, cinematic experience where survivors scour a vast map in search of loot while completing varied objectives before taking on the Deadites. With each character offering a specific set of skills that’s only available to them, it’s important to choose wisely and utilize vehicles to cover more ground before the Deadites find you.

*Be on the lookout for traps*

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December 07, 2022 — Nightmare Toys